How we got started,

and where we are today.

Full Effect Productions began operations in 1996, then known as Kiel Pro Video.  Two video and media industry professionals pooled their resources, experience and knowledge to form the first and only company in Sioux City, Iowa that was devoted solely to high quality video production.  Kiel Pro Video was initially located in Nick Kielhold's garage.  A small edit suite was constructed and this modest space served as headquarters while the company was getting underway.  After a year and a half of growth and success, the decision was made to expand into a larger space.  In January of 1998, the company moved to an office on the first floor of the KD Station on Leech Avenue.  This 2,200 square foot facility offered a modest studio area and other office space.  Ron Bass joined Kiel Pro Video in June of 2001.  In March of 2004, KD Station announced that it would be closing permanently, and Kiel Pro Video needed to find a new location.  In May of 2004 the operation was moved to its current location at 3300 Northbrook Drive in Sioux City.  The 5,000 square foot facility offers a nice mix of office space and a large studio (50 ft. by 40 ft.) with high ceilings...perfect for video shoots.  The move also provided a good opportunity to re-name the business to Full Effect Productions, a name chosen to convey our goal of always providing highest possible result, and providing the "full effect" with each and every video we produce.  With each additional year in business, we are grateful to our clients who have provided us the opportunity to do what we love:  producing high quality videos that help our customers achieve their goals.



June, 1996- Nick Kielhold resigns from KMEG TV to begin Kiel Pro Video.  For the next 19 months, the business operates from a room added into the garage of Kielhold's home.


January, 1998- Kiel Pro Video moves operations to the first Floor of KD Station on Leech Avenue.


September, 1999- Rod Wellman resigns from Media Concepts to join Kiel Pro Video as Nick Kielhold's business partner.


June, 2001- Ron Bass resigns from Bass Advertising to join Kiel Pro Video as Videographer/Producer.


June, 2004- KD Station closes its doors, forcing Kiel Pro Video to re-locate.  The company moves to the current location, 3300 Northbrook Drive.


November, 2004- Kiel Pro Video changes its name to Full Effect Productions.


June, 2006- Full Effect Productions celebrates 10 years.


June, 2011- Full Effect Productions

celebrates 15 years.