Ideas for ways you can use

video to achieve your goals.

There's no doubt about it, we live in a video generation.  Old methods of delivering information, teaching an audience and getting your message through are being supplanted by video. It makes sense:  only video can convey the emotion, keep the viewer's attention and make the desired impact.  And it's an accepted and expected form of communication, especially among young people.


If your company or organization isn't tapping into the full potential a well-produced video can provide, what are you waiting for?  Maybe you're just not sure what types of videos you can employ. It's time to use video for better results than the old methods can deliver.


Here are some ideas for videos that can achieve a wide range of goals.  Click on each item below for examples of videos in that category.



TV Commercials. If your company sells a product or service to the general public, the standard thirty-second TV commercial still provides a great return on investment.  Audiences are becoming more selective and have more choices than ever, so proper placement of the ad is important.  The good news is that there are even more venues for the TV commercial nowadays, such as in-theater advertising, arena big screens during live sporting events and on various websites such as the ads seen before watching a news story for example. Creating a concise, engaging ad for all types of devices and viewing methods will create even more advertising opportunities.


Infomercials.  Selling a product or service through the use of a long block of TV airtime is often still an economical way to reach a large audience.  In addition to airing the infomercial during fringe hours of the local TV broadcasting day, distribution can also be achieved through the Internet.


Company Sales Video.  This type of video is meant to be an overview of the company.   They might be considered the equivalent of the company brochure and typically cover company history, key products, unique selling points, customer testimonials and other company information.  As the way video is consumed continues to evolve, we've seen these videos become shorter and often broken apart into targeted segments so that the user can focus on what he or she is interested in most.


Sales Meeting Videos.  Want to add pizazz to your annual sales meeting?  Produce a sizzling introduction video to set the tone for the meeting.  Produce some entertaining videos that can "break up" the informational sessions.  Utilize your employees' creativity in coming up with fun, entertaining segments that follow a theme or comment on your industry. Create a video that can "cap" the day and send your attendees off on a high note. You can also add the power of video to the presentations that are often handled with PowerPoint, either by inserting video into the presentation itself, using video segments to cover certain information or ideas, or even replacing the PowerPoint altogether with a video.


Trade Show and Event Video.  Stop traffic from passing by your trade show booth.  Create dynamic videos to play at the booth.  But don't stop there.  Leverage the considerable resources you are putting into the show and take advantage of the time and money spent. Capture speaking appearances by your executives for use on your website.  Capture key events/speakers to show your employees back at the office.  Solicit short testimonials from customers who stop by your booth.  The possibilities are endless.


Direct Marketing.  Adding video to your direct marketing effort pays big dividends.  People who receive a video in the mail are very likely to watch it.  75% of people who receive a video through an email message will watch it, and 85% of those people will watch it all the way to the end depending upon the content and quality of the video (and it can't be too long).  Employing video in your direct marketing efforts is a great way to capture and keep the attention of customers and prospects.


Market Research and Focus Groups. Your marketing efforts probably include the collection and analysis of raw statistics and data. But a video of your customer describing his or her likes and dislikes can provide a priceless amount of information you can use in your marketing decisions.


Product Demonstration.  Showing a product in a video is one of the best ways to demonstrate how your product works and highlight the features.  An on-camera presenter can interact with the product, show size and dimension and things like ease-of-use that only moving pictures can accomplish.  Animations, illustrations and text elements can further reinforce the features and benefits of your product and differentiate your product from those of the competitors.


Customer Testimonials.  Satisfied customers telling their story is a very powerful sales tool.  They will be perceived to be trustworthy and credible as they tell in their own words how your company's products/services helped them. Many times these videos can be short, stand-alone pieces displayed on your website or sent in an email.  They can also be used within your overall company video.


Facilities Tour. This may be the perfect way to win the customer without forcing them into a long distance visit to your facility.  It's a great way to showcase a certain area, a unique capability or the size and scope of your operation.  Uniqueness is the key here and you'll want to highlight special equipment, skills or other characteristics that set you apart from the competition.  Your tour should be impressive, but it shouldn't be all about you. Be sure to include information about how you can solve the customer's problem and answer the customer's question:  What's in it for me?


Video Success Story.  Featuring particular success stories allows your customer to picture the possibilities for them.  If you have a compelling case where you achieved an excellent result, feature it in a video that explains the situation and how you helped the customer.  They can be short, to the point with great impact.


Email Teaser.  Open rates go way up if you include a video in your email marketing activities.  Consider a video signature, or a very short and brief video introduction to your company, with a link in the video that directs them to a longer video or for further information.


In Store Video.  In store LCD displays can feature your product, attracting the attention of potential buyers.  Promote your goods and services and make shoppers aware of new promotions.



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Sales Support Videos. A tutorial or training video can supplement or replace traditional training methods.  You can create "how to" videos, video manuals, quick assembly videos, maintenance and more.  You can save thousands of dollars in post-sales support by creating informative, easy to understand videos for your products and services.


Community Relations Video.  Is your company involved in the community?  If your employees are busy being good corporate citizens and helping important causes, you should be capturing these eye-appealing images on video.  Show the world what you are doing, and your corporate image will improve.


Video Press Release. The standard press release is now being augmented or even replaced with video to tell a more engaging story.  The video press release can provide a controlled and deliberate story, with the images you want to show, and to provide a more engaging story increasing the chances that the media will run your story.


PR Support Materials.  The demand for video is everywhere.  If a news agency is looking for video to use in a story, it might be of benefit to you if they use your footage (with permission and only in stories that are beneficial to you, of course).  You can make it easy for networks, bloggers and local news organizations to promote your business.  You can be pro-active by developing a catalog of resources that can be easily provided to them:  b-roll footage, industry footage, sound bits from employees, product shots, etc.  By preparing in advance, you can be sure to control the image and provide them with the proper format so that it looks its best.



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Executive Communications.  Presenting the "face" of your company to its employees on a regular basis can go along way towards the communication of your company's goals and mission to its ground-level workers.  Quarterly "sate of the company" videos can deliver a consistent, timely message to employees.  A video can also be used to communicate company-wide as a response to a timely event.  Consider using senior leadership or other to deliver messages to individual departments.  Videos can be distributed using your company's Intranet, or other methods.


Internal Communications.  In large organizations, few people have the time or opportunity to understand what other groups within the company do, or even why they exist.  Internal videos that highlight the different departments and business activities can improve each employee's understanding of the scope of your business and the role everyone plays in its success.  As more employees continue to work from home and for businesses with large geographic footprints, these videos can be vital in getting everyone up to speed on your company and its mission.


Training. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the payoff if you use moving video to show your employee exactly how to do something.  Training continues to be one of the best uses of video.  Use it to train employees on new software.  Train your sales staff on new products or processes.  Train new workers on equipment operation.  And now, video delivered online can become a cost effective substitute for classroom style training.  A consistent delivery of precise information in a way that holds the subject's attention will cause retention rates to soar.  You can also integrate video into Learning Management Systems that enable testing and the tracking of coursework completion.


Employee Orientation. You can hand your new employee the Employee Handbook and tell them it is required reading.  However, studies have shown that most don't follow through, and when they do retention rates are low.  Conducting an employee orientation setting where your new recruits are shown videos on various subjects can be highly effective.  You can describe employee benefits in detail, and cover company history, organizational structure, policies, procedures, code of ethics and expected behavior.   All delivered in a consistent, professional and even entertaining manner. And time spent by various HR personnel conducting these sessions can be reduced, freeing them up for more important tasks.


Health and Safety Videos.  The cost of dealing with health and safety issues in the workplace continues to grow. Video is one of the most effective ways to address these issues.  Safety videos can be produced on a multitude of subjects, showing and addressing work place hazards.  They can be specific and customized to your exact situation as opposed to a "canned" presentation, which can leave gaps or even deliver the wrong information.  Overall employee health videos can educate your employees on how to become a healthier at home and in the workplace.


Visitor Safety Videos. Visitors to your workplace such as contractors, prospects and anyone else who is not an employee need to be made aware of your safety rules and regulations, as well as what to do in case of an emergency.  Show them a video the first time they arrive at your business to cover what they need to know.


Employee Recruitment. Finding the best employees is one of the most direct paths to success for any business.  Recruitment videos that feature your company and highlight its corporate culture and mission can be very influential in attracting just the right employee to your company.



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Fundraising Efforts.  Got an idea for Kickstarter or some other online fundraising effort?  Add video to it for the best possible chance to meet your goals!  The power of video to convey emotion and impact the viewer makes it a highly effective tool for various causes.  Non-profit groups can use video to tell stories that illicit emotion and increase charitable giving.  Videos to promote a cause are often a powerful way to rally opinion and spur people to action.


Video Blog. A video blog takes the popular web blog site to the next level.  Instead of simply text on a screen, the video blog has the added entertainment value of video and sound.   Video bloggers need to have engaging style, rich and diverse content and creativity to attract and retain viewers.


Mobile Video. Seems like everyone watches video on his or her mobile device nowadays.  Mobile video for your organization might mean simply re-purposing existing material so that it can be viewed on these devices.  Or, it can evolve into a much more specific strategy, like targeted messages that are part of your overall advertising effort.


YouTube Video. The sheer volume and variety of video content you can find on YouTube is simply amazing.  If you have an idea for a video for placement on YouTube, you may simply need the resource for the proper creation of it.  In order to stand out, you need a well-produced video, one that delivers when it comes to quality of image and sound and overall production value. We can't imagine every great video, but we can produce just about any of them in a way that will make them stack up nicely with the best you can find on YouTube.


Company Lobby/Waiting Room Video. Many times, you have a captive audience in your company's lobby or waiting room.  Sure, you can show CNN on your lobby TV, but why not insert some engaging video about your company instead?


Viral Video. Exactly how do you define a viral video?  Well, it's a video so compelling that people what to share it with their friends and relatives.  We've had companies ask us to help them make a viral video.  But it's not easy to do.  In order for it to be "viral”, the content needs to be very compelling:  extremely entertaining, meaningful or even shocking.  Just calling it a viral video doesn't make it one. Predicting what will become a viral video is practically impossible.  If you have an idea for one, we'd love to help you create it.  But be forewarned:  most times it is impossible to predict whether or not it will "go viral".  Many times they are just accidental successes, or the content that causes it to go viral is not something you'd want your company associated with in the first place.


Political.  Push your candidate or cause with compelling and engaging video content, and put it on your website and YouTube, of course.



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