The tools of the trade.

STUDIO - Our large studio measures 40 by 50 feet.  Exclusive to this area, this facility opens many possibilities for indoor, controlled shoots.  A permanent green screen area is used for chroma key shots.  A large seamless wall is painted white and can be customized on a per project basis.  Various backgrounds are available.  An adjacent storage area allows us to build custom backgrounds and entire sets.


EDITING SUITES - We have three fully outfitted post-production suites running modern, high-end Apple computer workstations equipped with copious amounts of RAM and fast hard drive storage.  Matching broadcast monitors are professionally calibrated to provide each editor with accurate, consistent feedback during the editing process.  Final Cut Pro Studio, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro as well as many specialized plug-ins for these programs, are among the various software programs used in the editing and compositing process.


AUDIO - Our facility houses a sound booth for recording voice-overs, narration and even musical instruments.  Sennheiser shotgun condenser and wireless lapel mics are used on location.


CAMERAS - We currently have three professional grade Sony High Definition video cameras, two small Canon HD camcorders, two GoPro wearable cameras, and two DSLR still cameras with HD video capability.  Multiple cameras allow us to choose just the right camera for the job, and also to send crews out to different shoots at the same time, which provides for a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling your shoot.  Multiple camera shoots are also easily achieved and are useful for videos such as product demonstrations and live events.


LIGHTING - Multiple Arri light kits provide us with plenty of options to cover a wide range of lighting situations.  Our new LED lights have several advantages:  reduced heat output, they can be battery powered (very helpful when outlets are not handy or don't exist at all) and they even have variable color temperatures.


SPECIALIZED GEAR - We've invested in a variety of tools to help us achieve dynamic results.  These include:  Kessler CineSlider (motorized), Matthews Doorway Dolly, Letus Relay for enhanced bokeh effect, 8-foot "mini" jib and a quadracopter "drone" used for aerial shots.