• Video Editing

    Once acquired, all the various elements of a video production eventually need to be assembled.  This is often a multi-faceted process and can involve the integration of things like video footage, still photos, text elements, graphical elements, animations, music, sound effects, narration, on-camera dialog and special effects.  From basic video editing, to highly complex projects, our three fully equipped editing suites provide our editors with all the latest software tools needed to do the job.  Large, fast hard drives with multiple Terabytes of storage allow us to work on multiple projects at once.  In-progress projects are protected by redundant data backup, and all projects are redundantly archived so that changes and updates can be made efficiently in the future.

  • Audio Recording & Editing

    The soundtrack to your video simply cannot be underestimated. It is a huge part of the overall experience.  Music often plays a prominent role and our producers have instant access to sound effects and high-quality music libraries and use special software to customize music for just the right mood and length.  Our roster of quality voice talent from around the country allow us to find the perfect voice or voices for any necessary narration.  We can also record voice-overs in our in-house audio recording studio.  We've invested in high-quality microphones and other audio equipment for on-location and studio recording.  And we've also been known to produce quite a few radio spots as well!

  • Animation, Motion Graphics & Effects

    These are the elements that can truly set your production apart.  Treatment of the "raw" footage can enhance colors or alter its appearance in a creative way. Complex and engaging graphics that feature movement capture and hold the viewer's attention.  2D and 3D animations can bring a concept to life. Visual effects are the "magic" of compositing people or other elements on screen in an environment that is partially or wholly fabricated.  Often, it is a matter of seeing the basic scene and envisioning the possibilities. Our editors will make sure that each shot looks its best and will utilize our full post-production tool set to achieve spectacular results, in a quick, efficient and quality manner.

  • Distribution

    OK, your video is complete and its ready to show!  Now what?  Following production, your video needs to get in front of the audience.  For TV commercials, we will provide the high-quality, high definition digital file for broadcast.  We can provide DVD and Blu Ray production and duplication services in small and large quantities.  And if destined for the Internet, we'll provide the file your web designer needs for an excellent viewer experience.  We can also create video files prepped to look great in PowerPoint, or ready-to-upload files for YouTube.  With years of compression experience and a vast knowledge of the various and tricky-to-master video file types and compression codecs, we will make sure your final presentation looks its best.  You might think that decisions regarding this last phase of the project can, well, wait until the very end. Not so at all.  Knowing not only WHO will see your video, but also WHERE and HOW they will view it is very important.  That might dictate many creative decisions along the way.  For example, if you know the primary viewing method will be a small tablet or smartphone versus a much larger computer screen or HDTV, it would be good for us to know that before the editing process so that we can design text and other elements to an appropriate size.

In this phase, it's time to put it all together!  Many decisions have been made up to this point, and the third part of the process is no time to drop the ball!  Our skillful and experienced video editors will bring all the elements together to create a dynamic and effective final presentation.  Finally, we'll get it where it needs to go to reach your audience.

Take a look at this still frame from a video clip we captured for a TV commercial. It is "raw", or in other words, straight from the camera, unaltered.

Here is that same frame after we worked our magic. Notice any difference?  An experienced video editor can bring your story to life by adding visual interest.