• Concept Development

    The very first step of a successful production involves a process of discovery.  We will have conversations with you to gather information we need.  This will include things like:  the target audience, how the video will be used, and what are the specific issues it is trying to address or overall goal it will try to achieve. Basically, we need to find out everything we can in order to effectively tell your story. Based on what we discover, we can then formulate some ideas and put together a concept for the project.  Every project is different, but often we will propose the overall concept before going too far with writing the actual script, just to make sure we're headed in the right direction.

  • Scriptwriting

    You may want to write your own script.  That's OK. We're flexible.  We can provide all or just some of the services it takes to complete your project, and we'll offer our expertise and insight along the way when needed.  Or, if you don't have a clue about writing scripts we can provide all of the concept development and scriptwriting for you.  Scripting for video is quite different than writing for the printed page.  Our years of experience and ability to capture your viewer's attention and deliver your message in a clean and concise way will ensure that your viewer is motivated to take the intended action.

  • Storyboarding

    Sometimes visual portions of a concept or script are hard to explain with just printed words.  In these cases, we'll draw "sample" frames to help show you what we are thinking.

  • Talent Selection

    People who appear on-camera in your production are referred to as "talent".  People who are mainly background and have no speaking parts are referred to as "extras". Talent can also be your employees and co-workers who may play roles in the production that are featured in the foreground, either speaking or non-speaking.  We also often hire professional actors, especially when speaking parts are involved, but also to get the right "look" for those who appear on camera.  In all cases, many decisions will have to be made regarding who is appearing in the piece.  We can assist with determining the talent needs of the production, identifying those individuals, and performing the function of hiring them when necessary.

  • Location Scouting

    It may seem like a simple decision, but coming up with the right shoot location is a key consideration.  It may be as obvious as a location at your facility.  Or, it may require scouting the countryside for just the right spot. If shooting at your location is required we will usually want to visit the location before the shoot to perform some pre-shoot planning and identify any potential problems.  We can also find suitable locations for shoots that don't take place at your location.

  • Props, Wardrobe & Studio Preparation

    These are some other pre-production services we offer.  We can track down props and secure specific wardrobe or costume items.  If necessary, we will prepare our studio with the desired background, or even build an entire set (see the photo to the right).  No detail is left to chance, and with the proper Pre-Production planning, we'll capture some dazzling images for a dynamic final product!

  • Hair & Makeup

    Depending upon the nature of the production, a hair and makeup stylist might be necessary to ensure just the right look.  Many times just a general "base" of makeup will suffice.  We have access to some excellent local hair and makeup artists who can provide their expertise if needed.

  • Set Design & Construction

    Our large studio can accommodate the custom construction of sets and backgrounds.  It can be a cost-effective way to capture a very unique look for your video.  We can even devote areas of our studio to semi-permanent set installations if needed.  See the picture to the right for an example.

It's not overly difficult to aim a camera and press the record button.  But effective storytelling using the video medium requires planning, creativity experience and skill.  The myriad of decisions made in the Pre-Production phase often "make or break" the project. How to put it all together is our specialty. Let us help you reach your goals!

We designed and constructed this set in a corner of our large studio to provide a visually interesting background for the on-camera talent.