• Location Production

    Full Effect Productions is equipped with everything needed to capture High Definition footage at any location imaginable. You can learn more about the tools we bring along to these shoots on our Facilities and Gear page.  They of course include high quality HD video cameras, but also the industry specific equipment that can mean the difference between mediocrity and brilliance, such as sliders, jibs, dollies and unique lenses and lighting.  This full tool set, along with knowing just the right time to use each tool, means the video shots we capture on location  will look and sound their best.

  • Studio Production

    Our large studio is truly unique to our area and provides a plethora of options for studio shots.  We've built entire sets and can create custom backgrounds.  A white seamless wall can be used as is, or painted a different color.  Green screen shots are accomplished with ease in a large green screen area.  A full complement of lighting equipment is at our fingertips.  Our studio area offers creative possibilities that are a huge advantage for your next project.

  • Chroma Key

    The chroma key concept is simple:  capture the subject against a green or blue color and use computer software to remove (or key out) the background.  It's then possible to introduce a "new" background for the subject.  The subject may be a person or persons, or an object, or multiples of each of those.  We have a large area painted chroma key green in our studio.  We can also bring a portable green screen along on location shoots.  If the object or clothing desired is the color green, no problem.  We have the ability to use the color blue as well.

  • Lighting & Sound

    Just because lighting and sound is last on this list does not mean they are the least important.  In fact, the difference between a professional production and one that falls short is often due to amateur attempts at lighting and sound.  They play a huge role in the final product.  Lighting is an art form that drastically affects the scene.  Gathering quality audio in studio or on location is also critically important.  We've invested in quality lighting components and audio gear to make sure we've given the proper emphasis to these two important areas of a quality video production.

This phase of the production involves the actual capture of the video footage to be used in the final video.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Video cameras have improved and it's easier to get a good image than it used to be, for sure. But you still need an "eye" for composition, along with proper lighting and sound. Click on the subjects to the left to learn more.

Our motorized slider is used for accurate and smooth camera moves.  It can be oriented for horizontal, vertical or angled moves, and even programmed for stunning time-lapse footage.

We keep one large wall in our studio ready for chroma key shoots, and have the capability to paint an even larger area the chroma key green color if needed.