• Sales and Marketing Efforts

    This is a large category, and we can supply video materials to help your company in wide variety of sales and marketing related activities.  From trade show videos to company sales videos, new product introduction, testimonials, product information/demonstration, sales staff training and many more, call us when you have a hunch that video might be a good tool to add to your sales arsenal.

  • Sales Meeting/Speaker Support

    Video segments produced for annual meetings can add value and entertainment to your meeting.  Information presented in a video during a meeting is more likely to be delivered in a consistent, memorable manner.  Videos inserted into PowerPoint presentations can increase their effectiveness.

  • Internal Communications

    Company news videos can keep employees up to date.  Human Resources can utilize video to inform employees of company policies, procedures and benefits, new hire orientation, recruiting efforts and compliance issues.  A consistent message delivered to employees in an engaging way will improve your organizations overall communication.

  • TV Commercials

    Packaging a concise, effective and professionally produced sales message into 30 seconds is an art that takes experience and creativity to achieve.  Don't spend your entire advertising budget on airtime and then "fall short" on the message itself!

  • Fundraising Efforts

    Use the power and emotion only video can offer to make an impact when it comes to raising money for your cause.

  • Employee Training

    Training employees on all aspects of their job will increase their productivity. The consistent message delivered by video will "get through" and be remembered by your employees.

  • Safety Training

    There is no better medium than video for showing specific safety hazards and proper safety procedures to your employees.  With the added impact and drama of video, retention rates soar and safety is increased measurably.

  • Product Information/Demonstration

    When it comes to seeing your product, high quality photography is great.  Now, take it to the next level with  the eye-appealing imagery of video, combined with attention-getting narration, sound and music.

  • Special Interest Videos

    Are you the expert in a certain area?  Making a how-to video can be a lucrative venture.  Put a professional production behind your effort for the best chance to be successful!

  • Facilities Tour

    Show off your facility and capabilities to distant prospects using video.  It's economical and effective!

  • Seminars

    The next time you invite an expert in to offer a seminar, consider recording it on video.  You'll then be able to distribute it to absent employees, new hires and employees at other locations.

  • Web Video

    The video created for any of the above projects will need to be distributed to the intended audience.  That means it will likely end up on the Internet.  As experts in web video compression, we can provide the video your web designer needs for problem free delivery to your audience.  As many forms of traditional advertising are being replaced by online web video,   you'll need someone to produce those web videos for you, right?  And you might even come up with unique ways to combine the use of video with the power of the Internet.  We're here to make your magic happen.

Compared to other forms of communication and entertainment, methods, video is highly effective when it comes to the ability to capture and hold the viewer's attention, as well as increase the rate of information retention.  In short:  video works.


Click on the items to the left to learn about some of the different types of videos we have produced.  You might be surprised to discover the many ways video can be put to use for positive results in your organization.  Or you might even have an idea for a video that isn't mentioned.  The medium is ever-evolving and people keep finding new ways to use it.


Bottom line:  we've done all types of video projects for  individuals, organizations and businesses.  Call us to find out if we can solve your problem using the power video communication offers.