A plan for creating a masterpiece...

We'll take care of the just about every aspect of your production, but it's good for everyone involved in the project to know what will need to take place to make your video a success.




It's good to begin by asking some basic questions and answering them.  Who is the audience for this production?  Is it a new audience, or one that is already familiar with you?  In what environment will they be viewing the final product?  What is the main goal of the video?  What is the expected "shelf-life" of the video?




One issue to discuss early on in the process is the anticipated deadline. Is there a real deadline, like:  we want to show this at our Sales Meeting on Oct. 2nd?  Or a "soft" deadline, like:  we'd like to get it done before summer.  We will work with your schedule, and our goal is to always meet your requirements.  However, having arbitrary deadlines without considering the process involved is frustrating for everyone.  We can give you an idea of how long it will take once we get an idea for what you're after. We're not adverse to spending extra hours or working weekends if necessary, but if you do have a "hard" deadline contact us as soon as possible so we all have the best chance to deliver a great product on time!  See Typical Project Timelines for more information, and our Services section for more information on the various steps involved.




Answering the above questions and more will be necessary so that an effective creative approach and script can be developed.  You may feel you have staff members who can write the script.  We can produce a video from your script.  However, writing for video is different than for any other medium. If you have ideas, we can take it from there and create a script.  Once a script is in hand, its time to begin production!




What footage do we need to shoot, and where?  It's possible that no video shooting is necessary. The video footage may already exist from a previous project. Or maybe the project will consist entirely of stock footage or computer-generated graphics, backgrounds and animations.  However, the vast majority of videos we produce do require us to shoot video footage.  The final script should indicate what scenes would need to be captured.  Each scene requires its own set of questions to be answered.  Locations will need to be determined.  If an interview is involved, where will it take place?  Are there distant locations where travel is involved?  Are there any time-sensitive scenes, such as an event to capture?  Or maybe the product you want to show in your production facility only comes off the line at a certain time?  Is weather a consideration?  Who will appear in the video, your own employees or professional talent, or both? Of course, the better prepared we all are for any necessary video shoot gives us the best chance to capture exactly what we need to make an effective video. In many ways, it is THE most important part of the process. We'll help you through all of these issues so that your video turns out great!  Check out our FAQ section and the rest of this Resources section for more information on the myriad of issues regarding the video shooting process, and what you can do to make sure you put your company's best foot forward on the day of the shoot.




What content will be "covered" by on screen graphics or existing materials?  Do you have logos or other graphical elements you want incorporated?  Can we utilize photos you already have?  Yes, we can.  This can be helpful if you have existing high-quality professional product photos, for example.  However, video is a moving medium, so often we prefer to acquire everything for your project ourselves so for maximum visual impact.  That way, we can utilize the video medium to its fullest, and every element looks like it "fits" in the video.




By this point, it looks like we have most of what we need to begin editing.  If voice-over narration is required, this will have been indicated on the script and our producers may have taken steps already to record the necessary voice-tracks. Often, you'll get a chance for input on the selection of these voices.  We typically utilize professional talent from across the country for a high-quality, professional sound.  Music is also selected from our large in-house music library.  No, we cannot utilize BTO's "Takin' Care of Business" or any other commercially released song in your video.  However, we are very adept at finding just the right music for each video.




Now it's time to begin editing.  In our industry, this part of the process is called "post-production", or even "post" for short.  It is the process of taking all of the needed elements and assembling them into the final form using advanced computer hardware and software.  This is often a very creative part of the process where special effects, color correction footage treatments, sound design and much more are employed.




What we show you as a finished video may require a few changes here and there, but mostly our clients are happy and excited to see the result of everyone's hard work finally come together.  If changes are required, our non-destructive editing process means they are often easily accomplished.  Once you're happy with the "final final" as we like to call it, it's time to get it out there for your audience to see.  We create a broadcast-quality, digital, high-definition master file. From there, we can convert the video into whatever format you might need:  web-ready, DVD, Blu-Ray, Windows digital file, Mac digital file, YouTube-ready, PowerPoint-ready, email file, etc.


There you have it.  A start-to-finish guide to your next video production!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about any part of the process!


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